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Welcome to the St. Lawrence Swordfighters Guild's multimedia showcase. This section is updated, albeit infrequently, with images and videos of the Guild's activities, whether it be training, public demonstrations, or WMA events. Enjoy.
In June of 2012, the Stittsville Youth Association honoured the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II by hosting an outdoor event free to the public. Classic car collectors, games, rides, food, and some excellent musical bands performing throughout the day on the main stage, made up the entertainment of the "Rockin' Royalty" festival. As part of that celebration, the Saint Lawrence Swordfighters Guild was asked to provide some entertaining and educational fight demonstrations.
It turned out that the amount of people that attended was large and constant throughout the day. This meant that rather than presenting a longer and more relaxed discussion and demonstration of Historical Medieval European Martial Arts, the Guild had to condense its presentations and engage in high-intensity armoured duels all day.
The event was excellent, everyone had a fantastic time, and there were a lot of kids with bright shiny eyes after seeing the armoured fighters skewering each other for ten minutes.
During the presentations throughout the day, Sandy Durocher of Navigator Communications took an interest in what he saw the Guild demonstrating. He asked if he could film the Guild as they performed their tenth and final demonstration of the day. After the dust had settled, Sandy asked Matthew McKee to speak for a moment about the Guild, its principles, and the demonstrations they perform.
Some several weeks later, Sandy contacted the Guild and presented a featurette produced from the footage taken at the event. It is an excellent snapshot of what the Guild does in the public space and a hint at what happens in training.
Click the image above to go the video hosted on YouTube or click this link here: SLSG Featurette