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Matthew McKee - Captain
Since childhood, Matthew McKee has had an intense fascination with ancient history, especially that of medieval Europe. This deep-seeded interest led him to discover Western Martial Arts. He joined the Ottawa Medieval Sword Guild in 2006 and has never looked back. From that point, when not rigorously training, Matthew has stood in the lists of dozens of tournaments, made educational presentations from universities to public schools, and participated in grand public events to cheering crowds.

With a formal education in performance arts and an informal education in history of human civilization and cultures, Matthew dabbled with ... [more]
Dave Rouleau - Instructor
Coming from a background of Tae Kwon Do and Karate, Dave Rouleau has always enjoyed the challenge and camaraderie of the martial arts. He first began to train in weapons (kama) in Karate and was entranced by a whole new dimension that it added to martial practice. He later joined a group in Smiths Falls that practiced medieval combat, which incorporated his love of history into his practice.

While attending the Upper Canada Village Medieval Festival, he watched a demonstration of 14th Century European armoured combat presented by the Ottawa Medieval Sword Guild (OMSG), and became a student of the Guild a few months later, even ... [more]
Taliesin Rouleau - Scholar
Tal joined the Saint Lawrence Swordfighters Guild in January of 2012 and immediately took to the training in Historical European Martial Arts. As his skills and experience grew he found he had a natural affinity and appreciation for Fiore's dagger techniques and enjoys refining his understanding of this aspect of the art.

In June of 2013, Tal challenged for the rank of Scholar at the Upper Canada Village Medieval Festival in front of a crowd of the general public and fought six combatants in three weapons to earn the rank.
Jay Tousaw - Apprentice
Joe Lee - Apprentice
Tannis Higginson - Apprentice
Chris Chinkiwsky - Apprentice
David van der Leeden - Apprentice
John Piche - Apprentice
Colin Smith - Apprentice
Thora Smith - Apprentice