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Click to go to website Purpleheart Armoury

This family-run company creates wooden training weapons of unsurpassed quality for both Western Martial Arts (WMA) and traditional Eastern Martial Arts. For the WMA community, they produce longswords, shortswords, polehammers, staves, messers, baskethilt broadswords, rondel daggers, and more. The St. Lawrence Swordfighters Guild purchases all of its wooden training weapons exclusively from Purpleheart Armoury.
Click to go to website Woods Armoury

The Woods Armoury is the Guild's favourite place to get combat-grade steel-and-leather, authentically sourced, and hand-crafted heavy armour. The Woods Armoury is dedicated to designing and producing historically authentic armour from the Transitional Period of Medieval Europe. Members of the Guild have used armour produced by the Woods Armoury in training, tournaments, and performances for many years and trust it like no other.
Click to go to website Thousand Islands Martial Arts

TIMA is a martial arts academy located in Brockville, Ontario. Founded in 1983, the school specializes in teaching shotokan karate do to people of all ages. In addition to their primary practice, TIMA also possesses an open mind towards martial arts in general and has opened its doors to Western Martial Arts by inviting the St. Lawrence Swordfighters Guild to train in their dojo.