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Sunday, March 5, 2017
Guild's Birthday Bash
North Grenville Municipal Center
Five years ago, the Guild opened its doors in a small Karate Dojo in Brockville, Ontario. This celebration takes place in the spacious halls of the North Grenville Municipal Center with a potluck lunch, grappling mats, and a wood-floored duelling salle for weapons combat. This celebration is an invitation-only event and is not open to the public. Happy birthday to us!
Events Packages
Are you interested in the St. Lawrence Swordfighters Guild bringing their style of historically authentic, real-steel, medieval martial arts to an event you are hosting?
The Guild is experienced in providing educational and entertaining live combat demonstrations to schools, fairs, and all manner of public or private events.
We have a selection of events packages that we customize to fit the needs of most events organizers. Whether it be a small corporate retreat, a large and lavish wedding, or a huge medieval faire lasting days, the Guild can provide a jaw-dropping show to bring the house down (and everyone will learn something new about medieval history, too).
Contact Us with information about your event and we will work with you to find the best options for your theme, event, and budget.
Teachers and Educators! Below, we outline a package developed specifically for the public school curriculum.
Public School Special
One of the main purposes of the Guild is to educate the public. One of the most receptive and beneficial venues for that is in the public school system. Over many years of practice, the Guild founders have developed a presentation that is a wondrous addition to the public school curriculum. Because of the tremendous financial stresses the public school system is under, the Guild slashes the typical rate for demonstrations to at or below costs. There is no more enthusiastic audience than children and we take it on the chin for their benefit. This offer does not extend to any other function or event.
Public School - Heavy Armour Presentation
There are two forms of the Public School Special presentation. The first (Light) is more easily scheduled, more flexible with time, and less expensive while the second (Heavy) is more viscerally exciting because of the fighting.
The Public School Special - Light involves one presenter giving an animated and engaging lecture on medieval armour, weapons, and combat (focussing on the martial aspects of it and not on the blood and gore) as well as the life and times of a knight through the medieval period. The presenter brings the armour, weapons, and experience of being a combatant in the style as well as being a senior Member of the Guild with the academic knowledge to field the myriad questions that takes up almost half the time allotted, if available.
Number of People: 1

Time Required: 1 – 1.5 hours
The Public School Special - Heavy opens with the delivery of the same material as that of the Light presentation. Interspersed throughout and eventually ending the lecture portion of the presentation are short bouts of high-speed, armoured combat with a variety of weapons. As the combatants get their wind back, the next segment of the lecture continues. The presentation closes with a question and answer period where the kids are encouraged to ask all kinds of questions (just when we think we’ve heard them all, one little mind surprises us with something very astute).
Number of People: 2 to 4

Time Required: 1 – 2 hours